A history of Halesworth, Suffolk, UK, through the ages.


Volume 3


Halesworth Memorials

In the church the old 4th bell had become cracked, so was re-cast at the Norwich bell foundry of William and Alice Brend in 1611. The same firm recast the tenor bell in 1624 'New repaired by Rogers Woods, Erasmus Moss Churchwardens, Jafery Barret gave me WIB 1624' (Jafery Barrett possessed lands in Cratfield in 1466. In 1627 the 5th bell was recast 'Richard Wellon and Daniel Barne Churchwardens 1627 WIB' by William and John Brend. These were recast during the incumbencies of the Rev. Abdias Ashton and his son the Rev. James Ashton, at a time following much deterioration of church property.

Memorials in the church remind us of James Keble who died 1650 and left land from which the rents provided bread for the poor at Christmas.

John Pricke, a 'practitioner of the Aert of Phisicks in this Town of Halsworth' died in 1673, he too left money for the distribution of twopenny loaves. His memorial reminds us ...

For all must confess that did him know,
His due deserts no verse can show.

William Carey, whose Will founded the Steeple End Almshouses, died in 1686.

Sir Henry Bedingfield, a member of the Bedingfield family who lived at Gothic House, died in 1687, he was Chief Justice of Common Pleas

Richard Assheton died at the Rectory in 1641, where he was staying with his kinsman the Rev. James Ashton. Surviving from the 16th century are two silver cups and a small paten inscribed 'The Towne of Hallsworth 1567'. The registers start in 1653, but there is a Communion Attendance Book for 1580. 


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